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Comprehensive Library Services

Phoenix Book Company is proud to offer a range of services to help our library customers deal with shrinking budgets, less prep time, and the huge wave of new books which are published every season.

From helping you select the best books to delivering them shelf-ready straight out of the box, we hope to make cultivating and maintaining your library collection fun and hassle-free!

Be In The Know

You can count on us to help you stay current with the world of publishing. Here are just a few of our services:


Knowledgeable Book Recommendations

Whether you're looking for a single recommendation or a list of books on a theme, we're here for you. We have access to a wide variety of publisher resources to help you find exactly what you need. Plus, we're avid readers and love to give you the scoop on the next great book.

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Informative Seasonal Book Preview Presentations

There are hundreds of new books published every year. With the PBC Book Preview Presentations, we'll keep you current. You can glimpse of all the books that will are coming out during the school year. It's a great way to keep up with series you follow, new books from favorite authors, and new authors whose books you don't want to miss.

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Refresh Your Collection

We are able to check your current collections and make custom recommendations on missing books in series, books by popular or up-and-coming authors, and back list titles you really need. Our collection checker service is available for free upon request.

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Comprehensive Listings of Forthcoming Publications at all grade levels

Using publishing industry catalogs, PBC prepares a comprehensive list of worthwhile books that will be published each season, which we group by age range and genre. These lists are a must-have resource for busy librarians to keep current and to plan their book purchases for the school year. We also create $500 Cream of the Crop, $1,000 Best of the Best, and $2,000 Not To Be Missed collections by grade level to ensure that schools with limited budgets don't miss the most important books of the year.

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Shelf-Ready Out of the Box

Library Processing

Phoenix Book Company provides shelf ready processing which includes electronic MARC records, smart barcodes, high quality dust jacket covers, and archival taping and label protection.

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Our Standard Processing Includes: MARC record, 1 smart barcode label, 1 spine label, taped mylar on jacketed books (if no jacket, barcode and spine labels will have label protectors).

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Additional Services:

  • Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts (526/521 fields) information in MARC record. Available at No Charge
  • Optional Theft Protection available: Tattle Tape Price Upon Request
  • Need something not listed here? Email us for more information.
  • Prices for quoting purposes only and are subject to change.