What’s Different About Phoenix Book Company Book Fairs?

What Do PBC Fairs Look Like?

How Do PBC Fairs Work?


What is included with a PBC Book Fair?
  • Full Set Up & Take Down Service
    You provide the tables, we provide the rest. Includes linens, category signage, displays for books and sidelines, table talkers, and most importantly all the labor. Most PBC fairs are fully set up in under 2 hours, and taken down in just 1 hour.
  • A Great Selection of Books
    All publishers are represented in our diverse selection of age appropriate, trending themes, new books & more! Plus, most books are discounted off of the retail price.
  • Marketing Materials
    Distributable flyers, posters, book trailers, and fun standees to draw in students during the fair.
  • Our Customer Service Promise
    We want you to have the best possible fair & we work hard to provide you with all the tools and materials you need. We are always here to answer your questions and we are excited to provide high quality books at great prices for your students. We know that you’ll be pleased with the price, service, selection, and ease of operations that a PBC Book Fair provides.
Why should I pick PBC for my next fair?

If you are ready for a different kind of fair, one that emphasizes service and selection, PBC might be a good fit for you.

Our fairs feature a wide variety of books at prices that are discounted to the students, and your school earns a no-strings-attached 20% back. Plus, we handle the set-up and take-down for you.

Do you have an online Book Fair Option?

Yes! We are working on the details, but if you'd like to book a Virtual Book Fair with us, please use the booking form below.

Are my dates available?

Ask Us! Popular weeks (like parent-teacher conference week) go fast, and the only way to know if the week you want is available is to ask.
Email info@phoenixbookcompany.com today!

Do you have cases?

We are excited to be introducing rolling cases in the 2019-2020 season! While most PBC Fairs are table-top fairs, we are very flexible and want to work with you to maximize your available space.

If you don't have enough tables available for us to use, ask us about borrowing some PBC tables for your fair. (It's free!)

If space is an issue or you are interested in hosting a case fair, ask us how today!

How much does my school/PTO/library earn?

You will receive 20% of your net sales. A Book Fair Sales Summary and Credit Certificate will be issued 2-4 weeks after the close of your fair.

Is the 20% back cash or credit?

You can choose how to receive and spend your earnings.

Option 1: Warehouse Credit—Our warehouse has thousands of books in stock that are 50% off retail prices every day. You can stretch your earnings as far as possible with this option. You can come shop the warehouse any time with your credit, it's open to the public. We are located at AZ143 & University Dr

3418 S. 48th St. #305  |  Phoenix, AZ 85040  |  Mon-Fri 10a-5p

If you see books on the fair that you would like, you can fill out our How I Want to Spend My Credit Form and we will pack and send them to you. Please do not shop your fair.

Option 2: Cash Back—We can issue your school or organization a check for the amount of credit.

All credit expires 6 months after date of issue. Option 2-Cash Back is only available for 4 weeks from the date of issue.
Do you offer Spring BOGO fairs or other incentives if we host 2 fairs in one school year?

No, we do not. With a few exceptions, almost every title on a PBC fair is discounted from the retail price. We want every child to come to the fair and be able to walk away with a book, no matter what time of year it is.

I want a specific book or series. Will it be at the fair?

It can't hurt to ask! We do not guarantee any titles at our fairs. What we do promise is to strive to bring you a great selection that will have something for you.

If you have special requests, like a summer required reading list, tell us EARLY! We may be able to provide you with pre-order forms for specific titles. Kids use the order forms and pay at the fair and after your fair is complete and we collect all prepaid order forms and ship the books to your school for distribution. This process can take 2-3 weeks for delivery of books.

I am having a PBC Book Fair soon, are there any online tools available to me?

Yes! Visit the Online Resource Center by clicking on "Current Fair Coordinators" in the left bar menu. If you need the password, email us at info@phoenixbookcompany.com.

Virtual Book Fair FAQs

Do you have an online book fair option?

Yes! You can book a Virtual Book Fair using the booking form below.

Please try to book your fair as far in advance of the start date as possible. We prefer a 3-week lead time to get all of the online pieces in place. Some weeks will have limited availability, fairs are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

How Do Virtual Book Fairs Work?

Here are the Basics:

  1. You contact us and book a fair for your set "Selling Dates." We recommend a Wednesday-Sunday time frame! Let the fair run through the weekend 🙂
  2. The day before your first "Selling Day" we will email you a special link and add your fair to the Shop My Fair section on this website.
  3. You promote your fair by sharing your link with your community! Anyone can click the link and shop the fair through an online form. Spread the word through emails, social media, and your website. You'll get an email every time someone places an order.
  4. PBC collects orders and payments through the website for duration of your fair. After your fair, PBC will pick and pack the orders and then deliver them.
  5. After your fair has ended, we will close the website and generate a sales report. We'll then issue you a credit certificate - you earn 20% of your net sales!
How do the books get delivered?

You can choose between 2 types of PBC Virtual Book Fair.

  1. Ship to School (Our Recommended Option):
    PBC will collect orders and payment through the website for the duration of your fair. At the end of the fair, we will pull and pack the orders (individually labeled) and deliver them to you at your school. You’ll be in charge of distributing the orders to students – you could have a drive-through distribution event, distribute orders to students once they are back on campus, or come up with your own pick up or delivery method– it’s up to you!
  2. Ship Direct:
    PBC will collect orders and payment through the website for the duration of your fair, then we will pull and package orders and mail them directly to students. There will be a flat $7.95 shipping fee added to each order to help cover the cost of mail.
Do I Earn Credit Back?

YES! All Virtual Book Fairs earn 20% of their net sales.

All prices listed on PBC’s Virtual Book Fair include tax in the sales price. Net sales are calculated by taking the total dollar amount sold and subtracting any applicable shipping fees and collected tax, what remains is your net sales.

Ship-to-School Fairs are eligible to receive their credit back either as Cash or Warehouse Credit.

Ship-Direct Fairs under $1000 earn Warehouse Credit, $1000+ in total sales (not including shipping fees) can choose between Cash or Warehouse Credit.

Warehouse Credit can be redeemed at the PBC warehouse for up to 6 months, in-stock books only, no special orders.

How long will it take after my fair to receive the books?

Ship-To-School Fairs: We will deliver all orders to your school 3-7 business days after the end of your fair. Orders will be packaged individually and include a packing sheet with the order information. In addition, you will need to provide a public name and contact information to include on order receipt emails for your customers to direct inquiries about order distribution/pick up. If you know your distribution plans before your fair starts, we can include this information on your fair’s order form and in customer order receipt emails. If not, we will direct all questions about order pick up to you.

Ship-Direct Fairs: All orders will have a flat $7.95 shipping fee added to each order to help cover the cost of shipping via USPS Priority Mail. This fee is not included when calculating your total sales that earns credit back. Depending on volume, it may take 3-7 business days after the close of your fair for all orders to be fulfilled and shipped from the PBC Warehouse. We will notify you once all orders have been mailed. Additionally, Ship-Direct fairs under $1000 in total sales (not including tax and shipping) receive their earnings as PBC warehouse credit; fairs with $1000+ in total sales (not including tax and shipping) can choose between Cash or Warehouse Credit.

What if a book sells out?

Occasionally a title may sell out before we get the chance to take it off the form. When this happens, we will substitute a similar title and add a small free bonus item to the order. That way, your readers still have the chance to dive into a new book!

Can I Return, Exchange, or Get a Refund?

Returns, exchanges, and refunds are only issued for damaged or defective product and we must be notified within 7 days of delivery. Please contact us at bookfairs@phoenixbookcompany.com or 480-967-2621 to complete a refund or exchange of damaged items.

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