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Our Location

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Our Phoenix, AZ warehouse is open to the public. Come visit us today!

Phoenix Book Company
3418 S 48th St, #305
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm MST

Other days and times by appointment

We are located at the 143 Hohokam Expressway and University Drive.

When exiting onto University Drive from the 143, drive westbound into Phoenix to the first light, which is 48th Street. Turn South (left) and drive southbound on 48th Street. You will pass the Blue Sky Park and Ride (on your left) and the Holiday Inn (on your right.) Turn West (right) into the third driveway past the Holiday Inn into the Hohokam 10 West Plaza. There are 3 buildings in our complex: 3414 faces 48th Street, 3416 and 3418 are behind (West) of 3414. Drive all the way to the western-most end of the parking lot until you reach the last building in the complex, which is 3418, and park. Phoenix Book Company's door is marked.

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