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PBC Mission Statement

Phoenix Book Company's mission is to promote literacy in children through the adults in their lives.

We're committed to exceeding our customers' expectations, being a trusted advisor, and always remaining focused on the relationships we're building with our customers.

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Why Choose Phoenix Book Company


We are a relationship-centered company.

Price, selection, and fulfullment are important, but for Jade and Cori, the focal point of our endeavors is building quality, long-term relationships with our customers.

We work hard to develop and maintain a sense of trust and we hope you'll find our commitment to service worthy of a sustained relationship. We want to get to know you, the students you support , and your needs so that now and over time we can find better ways to help you get the books and educational materials you need.


Unparalleled access to the book industry.

Jade's 20+ years in the book industry is the foundation for our breadth of knowledge, our far reaching access to great books, and our ability to pass along great discounts to our customers.

With our experience and connections to thousands of large and small publishers, authors, publisher reps, local and national literacy experts, and our far reaching customer base, and we provide you with a personal connection to a network of resources that will make your book buying and collection development process so much easier than you could ever have imagined.


We have a commitment to great service.

From the initial contact you have with PBC, whether it's by phone, email or personal visit from Jade (or Cori), we follow through on our commitment to service.

From providing our quote to the delivery of the books, or an inquiry about a fundraising opportunity or the set up and take down of our book fairs, we strive to provide a great customer service experience for you every time.


High-Quality Books

Whether it's a classic title, the latest young adult romance, the most recent Caldecott winning picture book, or a board book for chunky fingers, PBC's got it all.

We have partners throughout the publishing industry - from distributors who can get us books in a few days to all the major/minor publishers - plus we have other sources that give us access to books at amazingly low prices. All of our books are new, trade quality and are available in any quantity. We do not have order mimimums.

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We're Local and Convenient

Choose Local

Phoenix Book Company grew out of Jade's experience in the local book business and his time spent serving Valley educators. We proudly call Phoenix our home and are fortunate to be able to base our business here. We believe in the power of choosing local and keeping all the dollars we can in Arizona.

When you call PBC, you'll always get a real person - there's no auto-attendant here! We do our best on a daily basis to take care of your needs ourselves.

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No Worries

Cori often says "whatever is easiest for you." That's because we recognize that teaching is a demanding job and we're here to make it a little easier to get the books you need on time and at a competitive price.

To help you out, we're happy to take your book requests in any way you want to submit them (phone, email, fax, link to Amazon wish list - whatever, really!) and we'll turn them into an itemized quote. If it makes it easier for you, we are happy to customize your order and/or visit your school to talk to you in-person. Plus, we always offer free shipping in Arizona!

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